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Terms and Conditions

  1. That the second party/Lessee has agreed to take a lease/hire the said two wheelers from the first party/Lessor
  2. That the second party/Lessee who hire the two wheeler shall bring along with an original identity card issued by the state govt./govt. of India
  3. That the second party/Lessee should have his own valid driving license.
  4. That the second party/Lessee renting the two wheeler can’t be given or transfer to any other person. Do Not Drink and Drive.
  5. That if there is any scratch, denting mark with the said two wheelers, the second party/Lessee shall be responsible the same for any kind of damage (s) due to theft, accident or any kind of misuse.
  6. The first party will not be responsible for any kind of claim or dispute arises due to accident.
  7. That if there happen a major accident to the two wheeler the first party/Lessor have the right to claim the insurance and in case the insurance company could not paid the amount incurred upon, the second party/Lessee shall pay the remaining amount to the first party/Lessor.
  8. That the second party/Lessee shall not use the two wheeler for any illegal purpose/activities.
  9. That if any kind of violation against the rules and regulations of the traffic police the second party/Lessee are liable and responsible to bear the fine impose and other expenses and it shall not form part of the rent.
  10. That if the Lessee second party failed to return the said two wheelers within the agreed stipulated time, the first party/Lessor have the right to enhance the amount from the existing rate agreed upon by both the parties.
  11. That if the Lessee second party intend to postpone they have to inform one day before the stipulated period cause by the first party/Lessor are taking booking for other customer.
  12. That if the Lessee/ second failed to intimate before postpone or return the said two wheelers within the time period, the first party/Lessor have to filed a complaint before the police for the welfare.
  13. That on or before the expiry the period of hiring the two wheelers as stipulated ,the first party /Lessor may renew the agreement on such terms and conditions. If the Lessee/second party agrees to continue to hire according to such terms and conditions to be arrived at between the parties.